Remember when you were a kid!

You had this endless curiosity of just about everything. You were an explorer, a hero, a bold adventurer who ran, jumped, climbed, wrestled – you played! Why? because you had to. Then as you grew older, a non-movement lifestyle took hold of you, and you settled in with all the comforts that are provided in today’s society. Where are you now, or more importantly: WHO are you now? Are you still that playful explorer or are you feeling mentally/spiritually/physically exhausted? Perhaps you are somewhere in between these two points, looking to find a way back to freedom in both mind and body. Wherever you are, and whoever you are, you have come to the right place.

Playing for Life is about acknowledging our innate drive to play and to practice, and to find positive ways of expressing ourselves and our desires. We rid ourselves of stress and anxiety by developing internal and external freedom of movement – resources that are key to our well-being and happiness. We develop skills with which we are able to deal with any unexpected situation more comfortably. Our goal is to make our lives more joyful and enjoyable regardless of outer circumstances.

Our approach is very straightforward.

1. We always play/practice OUTDOORS.

The complexity and variety offered by nature cannot be met by any gym or manufactured environment. Our capacity for movement, and our ability to move develops much faster in a natural environment. Skills gained in nature are easier to transfer to a simpler indoor or urban environment than the other way around. We also build a buffer/resilience to the weather by resetting our psychological reactions and associations to climate. Most importantly, it feels good to be in nature when you spend most of your day indoors.

We prepare our joints, muscles, ligaments, and condition with body weight excerscies and partner training. We dig out the forgotten owner’s manual to the human body, check the specs and take a look at the service card before we reassess some of the stuff we should be able to do with our bodies. From this fundamental platform we look at using and manipulating objects around us.

3. We PLAY!
The world is our playground, and we use it to express our freedom and our creativity. Playing opens up doors within us that we often didn’t know we had closed, and the profound relief that follows brings a new dimension of peace into our lives.

Empowered, we once again become explorers, heroes, bold adventurers; this time, for life.

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