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Tripping, slipping, stumbling, falling; they’re not probabilities, they’re certainties. You will trip, slip, stumble, and fall, the question is when – today, tomorrow, next year, next decade, it will happen. So we prepare our bodies to deal with this sudden and unexpected stress with (more…)

Self Defense

Most people think of self defense in terms of manipulating another person’s body with strikes, kicks and punches, throws, joint locks, and so forth. This is one small and narrow (yet vast in itself) aspect of self defense.

Other aspects to consider: (more…)


All of a sudden, society as you know it stops functioning. There’s no electricity and no water in your house, no food in the supermarket – extreme conditions, would you survive?

Even if this worst case-scenario never happens, it’s healthy to (more…)


Meditation has a somewhat loaded meaning in our society, so throw away all the religious, New Age, and scientific associations you might have and simply ask yourself: Am I relaxed and aware?

Do you live your life (more…)


Agility is your ability to change the position of your body in an efficient and effective manner. It’s an important attribute made up of a combination of static and dynamic balance (stability), coordination, speed, reflexes, strength, and endurance. You need lots of agility (more…)


Stamina is your ability to endure and keep going both mentally and physically, will-power and fitness.

Shortness of breath and sweating even after relatively short and easy movement is lack of stamina, and so is frustration. As you develop your stamina (more…)