Join us!

Being a part of our community is simply about showing up with an open mind and a will to improve. The more quality of self you bring, the better for both yourself and the community.

Please read the Terms of Agreement carefully!

Please contact us by phone or email before your first class!

We look forward to meeting you!

Regular classes:

Break for the summer. Classes will resume in august.

There are currently no scheduled sessions each week and there are no restrictions to them in terms of age, experience, or physical shape. We will work together to develop your highest potential. Classes are taught in Swedish/English, dependning on the group.


  • Wednesday evenings (Systema/Playing for Life),
    Start 6:30 PM (~ 2h)
  • Some Monday evenings (Playing for Life),
    Start 6:30 PM (~ 1h)

Please let your instructor know before class if you have an appointment to keep or if you can only stay for a certain amount of time!

Usually we meet at the parking lot at the end of Virginsgatan in Göteborg (next to Apslätten).

You pay by contribution.

Meaning, you pay what you think the class was worth to you based on your current financial situation (a nominal fee of 70 SEK/class is suggested, Swish gratefully accepted), or by contributing to the community with your professional skills/personal talents.

Private sessions:
Depending on availability private sessions can be arranged upon request. In a private session You have my full attention for 1 hr 15 min.

To each session there are four focus areas:

  1. Breathing
  2. Movement
  3. Relaxation
  4. Body structure/posture

The goals of a private session will vary according to your needs. I will always work to improve your energy levels, to help you manage and remove fears and tension in your body, to improve your confidence and feeling of self-worth.

If you are ready, so am I!

The cost for a private session is SEK 900.

For further information call me: (+46) 073-039 57 64

Special session:

Fear, trauma, panic, tension/stress release

Only for the brave! This special session last 1 – 2,5 hours and is suitable for anyone who is ready to let go, give in, and move on.

The cost for this session is SEK 1 400.

For further information call me: (+46) 073-039 57 64