The Universe has been calling you by name

by Robin Karlsson

This is the starting point for this blog, and a very fitting one indeed. For at this point in my life it’s beyond doubt that the Universe is asking me to step into my individuality, and to share my creativity with the world.

Answer to the birth name that makes you come alive

As I jump out of the nest from where I’ve studied (with) so many remarkable people and beings I find that I too can fly. Playing for Life is the distilled essence of who I am, what I’m good at, and the vision of a better world that appears as life flows through me.

Fill the space in front of you; behind you will be the wishes humming at your back as you blaze through the sky

My sincere wish is that many will find joy in the stars that Playing for Life will uncover, and also place, on the sky of people’s lives.

You are anything, so say everything – there is enough space to go around

Here’s my song, you can have it…