The place where you are now is vital

by Robin Karlsson

Your consciousness is at a place of circumstances from where you have absolute freedom in the way you respond. You can decide to run away of course, or ignore the challenges all together. Such freedom is very small and petty and will eventually make you feel frustrated, powerless and weak. Greater freedom exists by dealing with your circumstances in a creative way.

Through the willingness to go through repeated difficulties you can build and polish a self that will shine brighter than the Sun. When you’re in such a state of being nothing will faze you and you will be free in both body and mind. Hardships in all forms will even become enjoyable in their own paradoxical way. Daring to take on tough challenges is the greatest of freedoms.

So how?

Your spirit is always free; it cannot be any other way. This is the first thing to realize. Listen to your spirit, and look for where it wants to go and just follow along. When you trust your spirit with leading you, all sorts of fun and interesting things, people and events will come across your path. This is where the work of body and mind come in to play. The body and mind should not be moving you in any direction, that’s the work of spirit, they should only be concerned with dealing with the challenges and circumstances that present themselves on the way.

There are plenty of tools to use and my favourite ones for the mind are acceptance, breath, inquiry, and gratitude. Acceptance approves and agrees to the challenge; Breath releases all tensions and holds; Inquiry learns from the experience; Gratitude is thankful for the challenge that helped polish the self. Add to that a repertoire of physical movement for the body that can be used to resolve conflict in a non-violent way. By non-violent I mean such movement that is loving and caring, and which diffuses tension. Sometimes the movement is hard and firm, sometimes soft and caressing. Sometimes there’s lots of movement, sometimes there’s none.

The attitude of spirit is always playful, so the more playful you are in body and mind the more integrated and at peace you will feel under ANY circumstances.

The path of freedom opens from where you stand, just take that first step!