Agility is your ability to change the position of your body in an efficient and effective manner. It’s an important attribute made up of a combination of static and dynamic balance (stability), coordination, speed, reflexes, strength, and endurance. You need lots of agility in everyday life to deal with external load and weight from shopping bags, suitcases, backpacks, boxes, dirty laundry and so forth.

A lack of agility manifests as stiffness and pain in joints and muscles; the body will compensate for these disabilities as best as it can which most likely results in an overload in another part of the body. A vicious cycle that should be broken as soon as possible to avoid the inevitable future as a living wreckage. A look at western society and people of all ages from about age 9 to 99 reveals clearly that we don’t pay agility enough respect.

At Playing for Life agility is at the core of what we do through mobility and the manipulation of people and external objects.