Self Defense

Most people think of self defense in terms of manipulating another person’s body with strikes, kicks and punches, throws, joint locks, and so forth. This is one small and narrow (yet vast in itself) aspect of self defense.

Other aspects to consider:
1. How do I protect myself from myself?
2. How do I protect myself from my non-personal environment (cars, stairs, bicycles, motorcycles, buses)?
3. Do I have healthy reaction patterns (to physical, as well as psychic and mental confrontations)?
4. Do I attract aggression with my behaviour?
5. Am I aware of my surroundings and behaviour?
6. Am I prepared for the unexpected?

Self defense is ultimately about survival. At Playing for Life we research all the aspects of self defense we can think of filtered through Aikido, Filipino Martial Arts (Kali), and Russian Martial Arts (Systema). Our experienced instructors provide a safe place for everyone to explore this aspect of our physicallity.